Prime Marine Corporation

Crew Welfare Tanker Operator Award – Announcement of Shortlist

Very happy to share that Prime Marine has been shortlisted for the SAFETY4SEA Crew Welfare Tanker Operator Award.

This recognition is to be awarded to any ship operator of oil or chemical tankers, or gas carriers that demonstrated Initiative, Best Practices and Excellence and in any aspect of crew welfare.

Considering that our colleagues on board are the company’s most valuable asset, Prime performed the following:

During the unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Prime supported each crew member sailing far away from his country and loved ones. Since day one, the Company assisted all affected seafarers and their families that were forced to flee their homes in search of a refuge from the war.

The company built a designated team assigning office staff employees, including the Crew Manager, to closely work with the Ukrainian crewmembers to assist their families into a safe country across the border of Ukraine.

The assistance provided was the creation of a total support system for the seafarers families, including: coordination for securing safe transportation from the border of Ukraine to neighboring friendly countries, financial assistance, accommodation including food, and personalised care, assistance in the processes and relevant paperwork for travel documentation such as notary paperwork of the father permitting the mother to get child/children out of the country.
At the same time, two assigned employees were placed at the families’ accommodations in order to secure the fulfilment of their needs and the proper habitat and care conditions.

Following all the above, Prime Top Management along with two doctors, one being a pediatrician, flew up to the border to greet and meet all the family members that have gathered so far at their newly formed haven.

Additionally, for more than two years and all the issues arising including the covid-19 pandemic, the company having inherently high levels of empathy and responsibility for the seafarers’ state of mental health and welfare and considering this aspect as of critical importance, is focused on supporting them by various means. Specified psychologists and mental health professionals have been appointed to assist them whenever they wish in their mother language so everyone can express their concerns.
Prime provides medical care service for all seafarers onboard and ashore as part of the welfare package introduced since 2016.

Last but not least, computer-based training has been prepared and uploaded to the company’s training platform for their review and further discussion.

Further to the above, we would like to inform you that the open online voting process will be initialized within next days and the deadline for the open vote by the website is set for Friday the 13th of May 2022.