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Prime Marine was awarded the Silver Eco-Efficiency Award in the ESG Shipping Awards

Our Company received the Silver Eco-Efficiency Award of the first ESG Shipping Awards globally (The Initiative – at Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall on the 30th of May.

According to the organizers, this award demonstrates best practices concerning Air emissions, Circular Economy, Pollution Prevention, Waste, and Water management, Certification, and Assurance Processes, and our Company was recognized for all the initiatives taken and all the actions made towards all these aspects over the last decade.

We wish to congratulate and say a big ‘Thank you’ to All and Each one of our people on board and ashore for all the efforts and support for achieving our goals and initiatives, which are also being well received by the industry and our stakeholders.

The ESG Shipping awards consist of 11 award categories and presented three (3) awards in each category (Bronze, Silver, and Gold), with more than 200 companies nominated.

The first photograph depicts our Chief Sustainability Officer, Mr. Stavros Niotis (middle), HR & ICT Manager, Mr. Tilemahos Poulis (left), and Environmental & Energy Performance Manager, Mr. George Stroumpoulis (right), with the award.

ESG Photos

ESG Photos

Prime receives the first ABS-approved Confirmation of Compliance SEEMP Part III globally

Prime declares that on Thursday, 13 October 2022 became the first shipping company globally that receives a vessel-specific Confirmation of Compliance – SEEMP Part III and the Review letter by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) on behalf of the Marshall Islands Administration.

Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan Part III was prepared in-house for vessel M/T Golden Shiner. The ship’s SEEMP has been developed and complies with IMO Resolution MEPC.346 (78) “2022 GUIDELINES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF A SHIP ENERGY EFFICIENCY MANAGEMENT PLAN (SEEMP)”, containing Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) calculation methodology, required CII over the next three (3) years, an implementation plan for achieving the required CII and procedures for self-evaluation and improvement.

Confirmation of Compliance (CoC) – SEEMP Part III (GOLDEN SHINER)

Prime Marine’s head office remains carbon-neutral for 2021

Prime’s ship management arms, namely Prime Tanker Management Inc. and Prime Gas Management Inc. (together “Prime Marine”), became the world’s first ship management company to offset the emissions of its head office the previous years.

Prime Marine, which has been providing technical and commercial management services since 1998 and currently to 32 oil and chemical tankers and 4 gas carriers, including the world’s largest fleet of Panamax tankers, has now moved forward with the carbon neutrality of its head office since 2019.

Already the world’s first ship manager with an EN ISO14064-1-certified greenhouse gas emissions monitoring system for its head office since 2016, a member of the Green Angels since 2016, and the Getting-to-Zero Coalition since 2020, Prime Marine aims to continuously improve and reduce, as much as reasonably possible, its impact on climate change and align its management systems with the Paris Agreement trajectory and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and now further reduces its impact by offsetting all its head office’s greenhouse gases emissions annually as determined by GREENiT Environmental and certified by Eurocert.

Going forward, Prime Marine Management is also looking into extending its monitoring practice to all company-related green gases emissions, while investing also in new technologies and solutions that are continuously being developed to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of its managed fleet.

For more information, see our sustainability webpage:

Prime Marine receives the 2022 SAFETY4SEA CREW WELFARE Tanker Operator Award

The humanitarian actions of PRIME Marine, during the unprecedented global crisis that the Russian – Ukraine war brought, were rewarded with the SAFETY4SEA Crew Welfare Tanker Operator Award.

The announcement was made on the 21st of June, during the first day of the Crew Welfare Week Virtual Forum, organized by SAFETY4SEA.

Mr. Dimitrios Kampadellis, Crew Manager of PRIME Marine, represented the company and thoroughly presented its actions on such hard times.

Always considering our colleagues on board as the company’s most valuable asset, we supported every crew member and their loved ones since day one. The actions of PRIME Marine are presented in detail below:

PRIME Marine Enrolls in Marsoft’s GreenScreen™ Program

PRIME Marine Enrolls in Marsoft’s GreenScreen™ Program

PRIME Marine Partners with Marsoft to Access
Gold Standard Carbon Credits

On the 20th of April, PRIME Marine announced its partnership with Marsoft Inc. whereby 8 vessels in the PRIME fleet will be enrolled in the GreenScreen program, and create a Gold Standard carbon reduction project later this year.

Gold Standard, the pre-eminent global carbon registry, last year accepted Marsoft’s GreenScreen-based methodology as the basis for issuing carbon credits for investments that reduce CO2 emissions from ships.
“We are very pleased to be working with PRIME, a leader in the Hellenic product tanker and LPG sector”, said Arlie Sterling, President of Marsoft Inc. “The efforts of the PRIME team on the decarbonization front have been exemplary, and we look forward to working together to issue carbon credits”.

“Marsoft’s GreenScreen will help us measure and verify some of our decarbonization investments”, said Stavros Niotis, Chief Sustainability Officer of PRIME Marine. “Over the past few years we have been proactively working on and investing in proper tools for monitoring our fleet’s performance and emissions as well as researching suitable technologies for achieving our decarbonization goals well beyond the IMO’s GHG Strategy timeline”. He further added: “We have plans for more investments in reducing the environmental footprint of our fleet and Marsoft’s GreenScreen project will assist us in this direction”.

“We are moving quickly to take advantage of Marsoft’s breakthrough, with a fleet of 8 LR1 product tanker ships. Our goal is to enroll in a Gold Standard project this year, in order to make the most of this unique opportunity”, Niotis concluded.

The GreenScreen Program

“Last year” Sterling continues, “the Gold Standard carbon registry recognized the reliability, speed, and cost effectiveness of Marsoft’s proprietary GreenScreen platform. The GreenScreen breakthrough eliminates barriers which until now have made it impractical for shipping to access the carbon credit markets.”

Retrofits reduce CO2 emissions now, and extend the trading life of the existing fleet, thereby delaying the need to make long lived, expensive, and risky newbuilding investment decisions while carbon-free fuels are not yet available. Green Screen and Gold Standard have just made it easier to reduce shipping’s carbon footprint now and in the future.

Marsoft collaborated with the MIT Sea Grant Program Design Lab to create the analytical foundation of its GreenScreen models. According to Dr. Hauke Kite-Powell, Marsoft’s GreenScreen Chief Technical Officer, “The MIT collaboration allowed us to take advantage of the best in naval architecture, tank testing, and software design. The rigorous, science-based foundation of the GreenScreen model was a critical factor in the Gold Standard’s positive assessment of our methodology.” The MIT Sea Grant Design Lab code supports accurate resistance, brake power, and fuel consumption calculations, and is incorporated into Marsoft’s GreenScreen to allow rapid assessment of fuel and emissions savings from a large range of energy saving investments. There are more than 10,000 vessels that can benefit now from retrofits and carbon credits. Evolving regulatory measures and climate policy changes are likely to shift the goal post for shipping and could shorten the window to qualify; owners should act now to ensure recognition of their emission saving investments.

Prime Marine – Crew Welfare Tanker Operator Award – Voting Process

We are glad to inform you that Prime Marine, is one of the 5 shortlisted nominees for the Crew Welfare Tanker Operator Award. It is worth mentioning that it is the only Greek company competing in this category.
The winner will be also elected by the audience vote.
Anyone who wants to support the nomination, can vote online once per PC, mobile phone, and tablet via the following link provided:

Crew Welfare Tanker Operator Award 2022

The procedure is very simple following the below steps:
· Pressing Start
· Scroll Down & cast your vote by clicking the Logo of our Company (a tick appears).
· Pressing Continue

Everyone’s contribution would be very highly appreciated.

Crew Welfare Tanker Operator Award – Announcement of Shortlist

Very happy to share that Prime Marine has been shortlisted for the SAFETY4SEA Crew Welfare Tanker Operator Award.

This recognition is to be awarded to any ship operator of oil or chemical tankers, or gas carriers that demonstrated Initiative, Best Practices and Excellence and in any aspect of crew welfare.

Considering that our colleagues on board are the company’s most valuable asset, Prime performed the following:

During the unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Prime supported each crew member sailing far away from his country and loved ones. Since day one, the Company assisted all affected seafarers and their families that were forced to flee their homes in search of a refuge from the war.

The company built a designated team assigning office staff employees, including the Crew Manager, to closely work with the Ukrainian crewmembers to assist their families into a safe country across the border of Ukraine.

The assistance provided was the creation of a total support system for the seafarers families, including: coordination for securing safe transportation from the border of Ukraine to neighboring friendly countries, financial assistance, accommodation including food, and personalised care, assistance in the processes and relevant paperwork for travel documentation such as notary paperwork of the father permitting the mother to get child/children out of the country.
At the same time, two assigned employees were placed at the families’ accommodations in order to secure the fulfilment of their needs and the proper habitat and care conditions.

Following all the above, Prime Top Management along with two doctors, one being a pediatrician, flew up to the border to greet and meet all the family members that have gathered so far at their newly formed haven.

Additionally, for more than two years and all the issues arising including the covid-19 pandemic, the company having inherently high levels of empathy and responsibility for the seafarers’ state of mental health and welfare and considering this aspect as of critical importance, is focused on supporting them by various means. Specified psychologists and mental health professionals have been appointed to assist them whenever they wish in their mother language so everyone can express their concerns.
Prime provides medical care service for all seafarers onboard and ashore as part of the welfare package introduced since 2016.

Last but not least, computer-based training has been prepared and uploaded to the company’s training platform for their review and further discussion.

Further to the above, we would like to inform you that the open online voting process will be initialized within next days and the deadline for the open vote by the website is set for Friday the 13th of May 2022.

Prime Marine announces the publication of its first Sustainability Report

Prime Marine is proudly becoming the first ship management company globally to voluntarily publish its annual Sustainability Report. This report, publicly available to our stakeholders on our website and here highlights our environmental, social and governance performance for the year 2020 and developed with a leading consulting company in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Standards for marine transportation.
The initiative forms part of Prime Marine strategic action plan to support our shipping industry’s decarbonisation towards the 2050 objectives of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and we look forward to updating you on our next sustainability achievements.

Prime Supports “we4all” Team and Plants 400 Trees

We are happy to share our cooperation with the Non-Profit Organization “we4all” and our contribution to the planting of 400 trees in Greece.

Following the recent wildfires of the previous summer in our country and the loss of thousands of square meters of forests, our efforts are always concentrated to assist in healing the wounds that wildfires caused, minimise our company’s carbon footprint and, in parallel, turn Earth greener.

We remain focused on the mission to increase our environmental and social awareness. Furthermore and in every occasion we remind our employees ashore and onboard that Earth is our home.

This donation is under the umbrella of the “Main Donator” AXIA Ventures Group who took the initiative.