Prime Marine Corporation


It was conducted in Odessa UKRAINE 19-21 June.

Like it is the tradition for the first Conference of the year, Prime was represented by a delegation of almost all of the Departments Managers or Deputies. Equally, the participation of Officers was high and included all ranks from Master to cadet making an audience of more than 60 participants.

The Conference was hosted at the UNIVIS premises while the Simulator facilities of UNITRAIN were used for practical exercises in navigation.

The discussion made was useful and constructive and covered issues like Company’s policies and KPIs, new regulations, safety, quality, vetting, maintenance and environmental issues, while the Company’s Doctor presented hygiene on-board. Particular emphasis was given to the new computerized procedures as well as to paperless navigation.
The Officers were encouraged to ask questions and make proposals that resulted in an “Action Plan” for further evaluation and actions where feasible.

The 2nd Conference of year 2017 for Tankers Officers will be conducted in Odessa in October or November.

ABS approved Prime’s Emission Monitoring Plan

On Wednesday 14 June 2017 Prime Marine Management Inc. became the first shipping company globally that receives from American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) the Assessment letter of a Monitoring Plan for Compliance with Regulation (EU) 2015/757 on the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of CO2 Emissions from Maritime Transport. The Monitoring Plan is prepared for vessel M/T Emerald Shiner

ABS Press Release: ABS Completes EU MRV Monitoring Plan Assessment

Piracy attack on M/T Muskie

M/T Muskie with IMO No. 9256638, manned with 26 crew members, while sailing with speed of 13.0 knots from Fujairah to Rabigh transiting Bab el-Mandep straits, in laden condition with a cargo of fuel oil, reported armed pirates in a boat chased and fired upon the vessel (position 12.35.03,82 N and 043.25.48, 34 E, date 31 May 2017, time 06:50 UTC).

There was a private armed security team on board, consisting of 4 persons, which presented arms and fired warning shots when the suspicious motor skiff commenced heading towards the vessel.

The Master notified the Company while the non-essential crew retreated in the citadel. The unknown assailants on the motor skiff fired with AK-47 shots and launched 3 rocket-propelled grenades (RPG) targeting the vessel. The security team then fired against the pirates while the vessel executed evasive manoeuvres and as a result the attack was aborted.
A second skiff following at a distance did not intervene and abandoned the scene.

The motor skiff was left behind and the vessel, with all crew (including armed guards) safe, continued her voyage to Rabigh.

Out of the 3 RPGs one blew over the wheelhouse and the other overshot resulting in minor damages to insulation, panelling, lighting and one antenna. Vessel’s communication and Navigation equipment is fully operational.

The vessels in the vicinity, naval forces in the area, the Flag Administration, Maritime Security Centre (MSCHOA) and the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) have been notified of this incident.

Piracy attack on M/T Muskie

M/T Muskie with IMO No. 9256638 on the way from Fujairah to Rabigh transiting Bab el-Mandep straits, in laden condition, reported armed pirates in a boat chased and fired upon the vessel underway.

The on board security team was mobilised resulting in the pirates aborting the attack.

All crew are safe and the vessel continues her voyage.

1st National Debate for Environmental / Energy Management, Green Angels – ENVIMAD

On Tuesday 25/04/2017 “Green Angels”, the Greek Community for Environmental Responsible Business founded by ICAP Group and Greenit Environmental, had their 1st National Debate in cooperation with Hellenic Institute of Production & Operations Management (EIDIP).

Prime Tanker / Gas Management presented some of the adopted energy efficiency measures/practices like the use of new generation A/F Paints, the development of in-house software for vessels’ performance evaluation, a theoretical approach on ship’s efficiency, the installation of Energy Saving Devices (e.g. Becker Mewis Duct), the installation of PYTHIA Engine Monitoring & Diagnostic tool the ISO 14001 & ISO 50001 certification, etc.

Please visit the following link for relevant press release.

Lake Sturgeon Duct Installation

During February 2017, M/T “Lake Sturgeon” had her 5-year scheduled dry dock in the Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard Co. (ASRY) in the kingdom of Bahrain.

Prime Tanker Management Inc. has decided to install the “Becker Mewis Duct”, an energy saving device that its positive results have been already proved after installations on other company’s vessels.

Furthermore, advanced painting scheme by Chugoku Paints, applied in vessel’s hull. Seaflo Neo CF Premium applied in vertical sides, that is a unique zinc polymer antifouling product based on Selectope’s pharmacological action. Selectope®, developed by I-TECH AB, repels barnacle settlement on ships’ hulls by temporarily stimulating the barnacle’s larvae’s swimming behavior. Sea Grandprix 880 HS, applied on the bootop & flat bottom, is a hydrolyzing self-polishing antifouling paint with highly advanced biocide release rate controller.

Prime Tanker Management Inc. insists on seeking and exploring innovative solutions in order to improve, continuously, its vessels’ energy efficiency and environmental performance. Seaflo Neo CF Premium application is among the very first ones, worldwide.