Prime Marine Corporation

Prime Marine becomes world’s first ship manager with a carbon-neutral head office

Prime’s ship management arms, namely Prime Tanker Management Inc. and Prime Gas Management Inc. (together “Prime Marine”), become world’s first ship management company to offset the emissions of its head office.

Prime Marine, who has been providing technical and commercial management services since 1998 and currently to 34 oil and chemical tankers and 7 gas carriers, including world’s largest fleet of Panamax tankers, has now moved forward with the carbon-neutrality of its head office since 2019.

Already world’s first ship manager with an EN ISO14064-1-certified greenhouse gas emissions monitoring system for its head office since 2016, a member of the Green Angels since 2016 and Getting-to-Zero Coalition since 2020, Prime Marine aims to continuously improve and reduce, as much as reasonably possible, its impact on climate change and align its management systems with the Paris Agreement trajectory and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and now further reduces its impact by offsetting all its head office’s greenhouse gases emissions annually as determined by GREENiT Environmental and certified by Eurocert.

Going forward, Prime Marine Management is also looking into extending its monitoring practice to all company-related green gases emissions, while investing also in new technologies and solutions that are continuously being developed to reduce the greenhouse gases emissions of its managed fleet.

For more information, see our sustainability webpage:

E-Zero QUALSHIP 21 Certification for the Endless Summer

We are pleased to announce that on the 28th of March of 2020, our Marshall Islands-flagged Endless Summer obtained the E-Zero Designation on her QUALSHIP 21 certification by the United States Coast Guard.

The vessel has met the below eligibility requirements, to obtain the certification:

1. Enrolled in QUALSHIP 21, maintain the certification for the past three years, and remain eligible for re-enrollment.

2. Zero worldwide MARPOL detentions for the vessel in the past three (3) years.

3. Zero environmental deficiencies (MARPOL, 33 CFR Subchapter O, Ballast Water Management, Vessel General Permit, Antifouling) in the U.S. over the past three (3) years.

4. Zero Letters of Warning, Notices of Violation, or Civil Penalties related to Right Whale Mandatory Ship Reporting or speed restriction violations over the past 5 (five) years.

5. Installed CG type-approved Ballast Water Management (BWM) system or operating without a BWM compliance date extension letter granted under 33 CFR 151.2036.

This achievement reflects the company’s perpetual efforts to maintain the highest industry standards in every aspect of the daily vessels’ operations.

Up to now, 31 of the company’s vessels that trade to the United States of America, hold a Qualship 21 certificate.

Click here to view Endless Summer – Approval Letter & Certificate.

Prime Marine Becomes a Member of the Getting to Zero Coalition

The Getting to Zero Coalition is a powerful alliance of more than 130 organizations including companies within the maritime, energy, infrastructure, and finance sectors, and supported by key governments and IGOs.

The Ambition of the Coalition

To have commercially viable Zero-Emission Vessels (ZEVs) operating along deep-sea trade routes by 2030, supported by the necessary infrastructure for scalable net zero-carbon energy sources including production, distribution, storage and bunkering.


Coalition members are invited to take an active part in the development and dissemination of a shared knowledge base covering what is needed in terms of ship technology, fuels, market drivers, and policies to make ZEVs a reality.

1. Fuels, Technologies, and Transition Pathways

Narrowing of technology and fuel options as well as mapping out of safety implications, guidelines, and required regulations for scaling up new fuels.

2. Motivating First Movers

Exploration of policies, demand drivers, and funding mechanisms to motivate and de-risk first-mover investments. To get things moving in the next five years.

3. Closing the Competitiveness Gap

Exploration of policy instruments and market-based measures to close the competitiveness gap between conventional and zero-emission fuels and associated infrastructure to encourage mass uptake.

4. Global Opportunity for Zero Emission Fuels Exports

Charting countries with the potential to produce/export zero-emission fuels.

Prime receives ABS Confirmation of Compliance – SEEMP Part II

Prime announces that on Monday 02 July 2018 became one of the very first shipping companies globally that receives the Confirmation of Compliance – SEEMP Part II and the Review letter of DCS by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) on behalf of the Marshall Islands Administration.

Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan Part II was prepared for vessel M/T Spottail in collaboration with Alpha Marine Consultants. The ship’s SEEMP has been developed and complies with MARPOL Annex VI Regulation 22 A and IMO Resolution MEPC.282 (70) “2016 Guidelines for the Development of a Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)”, as amended by MEPC.70/18/Add.1/Corr.1.

Prime delivers a wheelchair to the Social Service of the Municipality of Lykovrisi-Pefki

Prime Marine is very proud to announce the delivery of a wheelchair to the Social Service of the Municipality of Lykovrisi-Pefki.

Being an active member of Green Angels we have the opportunity to participate in such well-organized programmes and to enhance our Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts through targeted actions that increase also our environmental awareness.

This action is implemented further to Green Angels’ Initiative to collect plastic caps which are destined for recycling in order to be “turned into” wheelchairs for our fellow humans in need. A wheelchair is equivalent to a ton of caps; equivalent to about 540,000 pieces of plastic covers.

Prime’s employees manager to gather a large number of plastic caps within short period. Specifically, on the first Semester of 2018 Prime delivered to Green Angels two full bags with plastic caps of 68kg and 74kg accordingly with the aim not only to recycle plastic caps but also to turn them into wheelchairs that will be offered to our fellow humans in need.

This particular initiative is being implemented in partnership with the Pan-Hellenic Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents “Love for Life” and it combines the important environmental objective of recycling with a great social act.

Prime Enrolls To USCG Qualship 21 Program

Prime is very proud to announce that 23 vessels of Prime Tanker Management Inc. and Prime Gas Management Inc. have been enrolled to United States Coast Guard Qualship 21 Program.

On January 1, 2001, the Coast Guard implemented an initiative to identify high-quality ships, and provide incentives to encourage quality operations. This initiative is called QUALSHIP 21, quality shipping for the 21st century.

By closely examining Port State Control Data from the previous 3 years, the characteristics of a typical “quality” vessel are identified. A quality vessel is associated with a well-run company, is classed with a Flag Administration with a superior Port State Control record & has an outstanding Port State Control history in U.S. waters.

The enrolment in the program is based on specific eligibility requirements regarding vessel detentions in the U.S. within the previous 36 months, marine violations or serious marine casualties & successful U.S. PSC Safety Exam within the previous 12 months.

Thus, less than ten percent of all foreign – flagged ships that operate in the United States meet the eligibility requirements of this program.

This recognition of superior achievement motivates our company to continue striving through commitment to quality and operational integrity.

Prime Gas USCG Qualship 21 Program Confirmation Letter

Prime Tanker USCG Qualship 21 Program Confirmation Letter

Prime Marine receives the 2018 GREEN4SEA Tanker Operator Award

We are pleased to announce that Prime Marine has received the 2018 GREEN4SEA Tanker Operator Award at a prestigious awards ceremony which successfully concluded on March the 6th at the Yacht Club of Greece in Athens, the evening ahead of the GREEN4SEA Conference.

Prime Marine received the 2018 GREEN4SEA Tanker Operator Award, sponsored by ABS, for its various initiatives towards GHG emissions reductions, becoming the first shipping company globally that received from ABS the Assessment letter of a Monitoring Plan for Compliance with the EU MRV Regulation, prepared for vessel M/T Emerald Shiner. Other short-listed nominees for this category were: AET Tankers, SCF Group, Teekay and Waterfront Shipping.

Presenting the award Mr. Elias Kariambas, Director Global Ship Systems Center, ABS, on behalf of the sponsor, said “There can be no doubt that environmental issues are at the top of the shipping industry’s agenda as we are challenged to minimize the environmental impact of our global marine activities and to ensure sustainability for future generations. ABS considers its role to be at the center of the marine environmental arena and as the classification society who issued the EU MRV Assessment Compliance letter, ABS is particularly proud to present this award to Prime Marine.”

Accepting the award on behalf of Prime Marine, Mr. Frantzeskos Kontos, Technical Manager – DPA, stated “The close monitoring of the vessels’ performance and the continuous efforts of increasing the operational efficiency led us to install energy saving devices improving propeller efficiency in 16 vessels of our fleet. Also it led us to the advanced painting scheme including silicon and to installation of online performance monitoring and ME diagnostic system onboard our vessels. All these contributed to develop our own MRV data monitoring and evaluating system.”

Prime Marine specializes in shipping oil refined products, including a variety of other liquid products, LPG and Ammonia anywhere in the world in a safe, timely and reliable manner. PRIME’s management team has more than eighty years of combined industry experience having been through a number of cycles. The company’s efforts to sustainability are not limited only to vessel’s performance but also extend to company’s office environmental performance. Being member of Green Angels, Prime became the first shipping company that completes successfully the ISO 14064-1:2012 Verification regarding the GHG emissions (CO2equivalent) related to Office operations.

Prime Marine attracted the most votes by the end of the voting period which held online during a 30-days period. GREEN4SEA Conference & Awards within the scope of awarding environmental excellence and performance above average in any aspect of maritime activity.