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PRIME’s vessels navigate worldwide, through some of the most challenging and environmentally sensitive waters. Respect for the environment has been strongly integrated into PRIME’s culture and an autonomous Environmental Department has been established.

PRIME Tanker & PRIME Gas, the affiliated Management Companies of the fleet, continuously review and improve on their Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental systems. This is the only way that ensures full compliance with various international safety and quality systems and codes, such as ISM, ISPS and TMSA.

Controlling and monitoring vessel safety through periodic inspections and audits, as well as, day-to-day supervision of operations, enables identification of weaknesses and development of proactive procedures. PRIME’s Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental team oversees both corrective and preventive responses to unforeseen events and takes a leading role in communicating risk prevention learning throughout the Company.

Apart from standard IMO certification required by international regulations both PRIME Tanker & PRIME Gas Management companies have been certified based on the ISO standard for both Safety & Quality performance – ISO-9001:2008 – as well as for Environmental practices – ISO-14001:2004. In addition Prime Tanker has been also certified regarding the OHSAS-18001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System) as well as ISO-50001 (Energy Management System) Standards for nine (9) vessel with the intend to expand certification verification throughout the fleet.

ISO 9001 Prime Tanker Management
ISO 14001 Prime Tanker Management
ISO 9001 Prime Gas Management
ISO 14001 Prime Gas Management
ISO 50001 Prime Tanker Management
OHSAS 18001 Prime Tanker Management

PRIME has set standards acknowledged by international classification societies, oil majors, the US Coast Guard and others, to be amongst the highest in the industry.

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